The Dead Can Talk: A conversation with George Anderson
As a filmmaker, I am in no way endorsing anything about the subjects I capture. This is merely a conversation with a fascinating subject. Take from it what you will. 

From George’s Biography: “For more than forty years, George Anderson has been able to bridge the world of thehereafter and the earth, through his ability to communicate messages of hope from those we love who have passed on. Since the age of six, after suffering a near-fatal illness, George has had a special relationship with the souls who depend on his ability to hear them, and bring peace and comfort to their grieving families. He is widely considered, by those in the medical, scientific and religious fields to be the world’s greatest living medium.” 

Directed by Jeff Pinilla

Edited by Jeff Pinilla

Director: Jeff Pinilla & Matt Pourviseh 
Writer: Jeff Pinilla & Matt Pourviseh 
Producer: Matt Pourviseh & Carmen Simon Rubio 
Director of Photography: Justin Simpson 
Editor: Jeff Pinilla

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