Can Rivals truly come together to
become Frenemies? This spot aired as
the final seconds before tip off of the
NCAA Basketball Championship Game

Director | Editor
Experience life on the road
with a rock band in this
narrative that illustrates the
forward motion of a lead singer
making sure nothing gets in
the way of her next show.

Writer | Director | Editor
This is the story of what a local news
team has to go through to get their story
on the air. In this case, the story is
Hurricane Sandy, the biggest
storm to hit the east coast
in recorded history.

Cinematographer | Director | Editor
Let’s break the fourth wall and show
audiences a little visual they’ve
seen too many times and elevate it
to a level of grandeur.

Writer | Director | Editor
The Nikon D810 and the Nikon
D750 shown intimately as we
unveil the future of photography

Director | Editor
A child coping with tragedy in the family is visited
by a stranger from the stars. This is a tale of youth
preserving innocence through imagination.

Writer | Director | Editor
Loyola has one purpose and one
purpose alone; to guide their parallel tracks, ensuring a better life for
themselves and for others.

Writer | Director | Editor
It’s hard to be yourself
when you’re not yourself. If a
product promised you even the
slightest bit of relief, you’re more
than willing to drop anything
and everything in life,
no matter how important

Writer | Director | Editor
Sunshine from Sunrise is just that –
a burst of sunshine during the darkest
times. Your contribution will bring sighs
of relief to parents and sounds
of laughter from their children...
ensuring imaginations soar.

Writer | Director | Editor
A promo for the news team of
Indiana's WXIN. Instead of posing
everyone up and stating “we are
just like you", let's just show it.
Who's the news anchor, here?

Cinematographer | Director | Editor
A young Ad-man goes through a
psychological breakdown of self-discovery.
Heartbreak is tough, but the healing of a
man's heart is a story rarely told.

Writer | Director | Editor
A promo teasing an Anti-Bullying
special airing on PIX11. Don't assume
your child is exempt from bullying.
There could be something they're
not telling you.

Writer | Director | Editor
An image campaign for New York's
PIX11. As a transplant of New York
City, I felt it was necessary to give
thanks to the city that
I now call home.

Writer | Director | Editor
Jade, 20 years old, hangs with a
vampy schadenfreude and is met with
startling intimacy and a tragic discovery
in which she'll have to do the only thing
she's been afraid of: grow up.

Feature Film Editor
A behind the scenes look at
the innovation behind Verizon's
new retail store.

Director | Editor
Unveiling the Nikon D750 and all it's
capabilities with a story driven journey
through the lens and perspective of Nikon
specialist, Lindsay Silverman

Writer | Director | Editor
We teamed up with Cadillac to
explore some incredible spaces
that were rescued from disrepair
and interview the people who
gave these spaces new life.

Series Director | Editor
A campaign with Darryl Mcdaniels,
Run-DMC, and his recap on what it
was like growing up in Hollis,
Queens. This is a little roc-doc
of DMC before the fame.

Director | Editor
We trace the events that led 25,000
employees and 2 million customers across
New England to stand behind an embattled
CEO and wrest control of a multibillion dollar
grocery empire. Can regular people band
together to alter the balance of power?

Feature Film Writer
A campaign chronicling the life
of Jerry Springer and his
childhood in New York City.

Director | Editor
Gucci's "made to measure"
service further advances
the House's philosophy
of personalization and signature
attention to detail.

Writer | Editor
Ernesto Gainza achieved the impossible
by flying the smallest and fastest parachute
in the world at Skydive Dubai. Discover the
full story behind the man who left everything
behind for a chance to fly.

Feature Film Editor | Writer
Autistic Like Me: A Father's Perspective”
is a documentary/advocacy film that
examines the difficult emotional journey
experienced by fathers of autistic children.

Feature Film Editor | Writer
Go behind the scenes of “The Bill Cunningham
Show” with 30 Seconds to Air, a 30-minute
behind the scenes documentary that pulls
back the curtain and details how an episode
of “The Bill Cunningham Show” comes together

Writer | Director | Editor
Crystal Windows is a true American
story that encapsulates the window of
opportunity given to all immigrants
landing on our shores.

Writer | Director | Editor
We the people
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The Earth, the way I left it
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Numbers on a Napkin
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Gucci: The Director
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Autistic like me
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Gucci: The Director
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After ever after
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Druid Peak
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The First 36 Hours
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